1. dianitta Member

    Paraguay spanish
    Hey guys! Please help me find the equivalent for this: "poco hombre" in english? please please.
  2. jcminthedriversseat Senior Member

    Waco, Texas
    USA - English
    We would need some context to know what this means. If you're looking for something that means "little man" as people sometimes call a little boy or young man, that would be hombrecito. "poco hombre" sounds like a question of the person's manhood - like he isn't much of a man.
  3. Kimara Member

    English USA
    what a small man?

    You can say someone is a small person (it is a negative thing to say), and with men it can carry other implications as well!
  4. Cereth

    Cereth Senior Member

    language of love
    he isn't much of a man??
  5. gotitadeleche Senior Member

    Texas, U.S.A.
    U.S.A. English
    That's what I would say.
  6. jcminthedriversseat Senior Member

    Waco, Texas
    USA - English
    But wouldn't that be 'hombre chico (chiquito)' or 'hombre pequeño (peqeñito)'?
  7. jcminthedriversseat Senior Member

    Waco, Texas
    USA - English
    I'm answering my own question. No. chico and pequeño have to do with his physical size.
  8. stephyjh Member

    Another vote for "He's not much of a man."
  9. OscarJ_Col

    OscarJ_Col Senior Member

    Bogotá, Colombia
    Español - Colombia
    I agree with Cereth "he isn't much of a man".
  10. feher_tbs New Member

    Mexico City
    Mexican Spanish
    "Not much of a man" seems to get the job done. However, "poco hombre" has become an expression that functions as a compound noun:

    i.e. Aquellos poco hombres nos mintieron.
    Those poco hombres lied to us.

    So in terms of translation, maybe we should be thinking of an equally colloquial compound noun. (The use of hyphens might come in handy at this point.) I'll be giving a thought, but suggestions from everyone else will be needed.


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