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    Hola buen día,

    ¿Alguien podría decirme cómo traducir la frase "Poder Ciudadano"?. Como contexto comento que se refiere a uno de los poderes del Gobierno según la constitución venezolana (ejecutivo, legilativo, judicial, electoral y ciudadano).

    Es sólo que 'Citizen Branch' me parece que suena terriblemente mal, ¿alguna recomendación?

    Muchas gracias por su ayuda
  2. k-in-sc

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    It seems to be translated frequently as "citizen(s') power," although also as "citizen branch":

    Constitution of Venezuela - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The citizens' branch (poder ciudadano, or "citizens' power"). ... As Articles 83-85 under Title III of the 1999 Venezuelan Constitution enshrine free and ...

    Venezuela's New Constitution | venezuelanalysis.com
    This inclusivity makes the Venezuelan constitution what some have called a .... The citizen power is meant to act as ombudsman for the country, assuring the ...
  3. That seems to be the prevailing translation:


    Under Hugo Chávez, cabinet reshuffles have been frequent; thus authoritative lists are difficult to maintain. Several important members of Chávez's inner government circle are not members of the cabinet, nor even members of the executive branch; instead, they are members of the newly created citizen's branch (poder ciudadano).

    Other wikipedia: .....The citizens' branch (poder ciudadano, or "citizens' power").

    ....newly created citizen's branch (poder ciudadano) etc etc
  4. k-in-sc

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    Google searches:
    venezuelan constitution "citizen power" About 11,700 results (0.39 seconds)
    venezuelan constitution "citizen branch" About 1,130 results (0.29 seconds)

    venezuelan constitution "citizens power" About 3,810 results (0.36 seconds)
    venezuelan constitution "citizens branch" About 1,090 results (0.30 seconds)
    Note that Google ignores the apostrophe (and all other punctuation)

    But these results are just a very rough indication. You have to use your judgment!
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    Vale, ¡muchas gracias a todos!
  6. mateogj New Member

    I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to make a correction. The proper translation is your originally proposed one, "Citizen's Branch," as you can see from the English version of the Venezuelan embassy's website, which is located at venezuela-us.org (backslash) politics

    This is a good example of when mis-translations become prominent on the internet because people see previously mistranslated results for them and then keep on using them and the vicious cycle makes them more and more common. It comes from a mis-understanding of the word "Poder" in the context of government. When capitalized and combined with descriptors like "Ejecutivo," "Legislativo," and, in the case of Venezuela, "Ciudadano," it actually means "branch" and not "power."
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  7. k-in-sc

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    At any rate it would be "Citizens' Branch" or "Citizens Branch," not "Citizen's Branch," which according to the site is charged with "protecting and promoting the citizens’ power."
    I'd just like to point out that there are a few issues with the English of that page, which for example translates "Consejo Moral Republicano" as "Moral Republican Council" rather than the more natural-sounding "Republican Moral Council."

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