poetic reversal

Yujan Chou

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I was reading an article about climate change in California. It says:

"...the simple inversion of November [in California] from rainy season to fire season is a powerful poetic reversal — and a sort of map for how all of us will wake up to climate horrors in the decades ahead."
I was wondering what "poetic" meant here. I am not sure what the reversal has to do with poetry.
  • coiffe

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    It resonates with the phrase "poetic justice," which always involves a kind of irony.


    English - England
    The adjective poetic here means experiencing a fitting or deserved retribution.

    It is most commonly found in this meaning in the noun phrase "poetic justice": it is closely associated with irony.

    "He spent all his life shooting lions - it was poetic justice that he died by being eaten by a lion."

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