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I'm trying to write a poem in Romanian, having no grasp of the language besides fading knowledge of Italian grammar (for what that's worth) and Google Translate (which is worth even less!). I'll include my intended English reading, if it helps...

Mă întreb / Dacă eu fi vorbit limbă ei / Ar fi diferit?
Are cineva / Am cineva / Vor rezolva?
Cum se ea simte? / Cum se ea gust? / Mă întreb​

The slashes indicate where I'd ideally like breaks. It's about wonderment, so I wanted to start and end with "I wonder". The first line follows into this; something along the lines of "I wonder / If I spoke her language / Would it be different?", where "it" refers to the situation (specifically of unrequited love). Then, "She has someone / I have someone / Will they work out?", the last part asking if our respective relationships will succeed. Then finally, "How does she feel? / How does she taste? / I wonder", where "feel" is meant literally and "taste" (it sounds vulgar, but I can't think of a better English word) meaning something like "affect the senses" (besides touch).

Mulţumesc :)
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  • naicul

    Mă întreb / Dacă eu aș fi vorbit limbă ei / Ar fi diferit?
    Are pe cineva / Am pe cineva / Vom izbundi?
    Cum se simte ea? / Ce gust are ea? / Mă întreb