Poets droned from the abandoned estaminets


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The plague cut off first Moon Street, then Uranium Square, making peninsulas then archipelagos out of them—finally it engulfed each little island while its unsuspecting inhabitants were asleep. In the sodden churchyards and empty squares the police of the Barley brothers stood about in small groups, jeering at the police of the Grand Cairo. Poets droned from the abandoned estaminets.
(Viriconium; M. John Harrison)

Would you be so kind as to tell me whether it means 'poets' monotonous tone could be heard coming from the abandoned estaminets'?

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    That's certainly what it says, Suprun ... but knowing Mr Harrison, he might have intended something different, e.g. 'worked as drones'.


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    I haven't come across "estaminet" since I read T.S.Eliot at school.:D And here it's associated too with poets and monotony and "stunned lethargy" - all on the same page...what a delightful coincidence:cool:

    Not ruling out other interpretations, but for me it does sound as though the poets were reciting their own poetry in monotonous tones.
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