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Hi All,

Je prépare un mail et je voudrais dire "c'est un point bloquant" dans le sens ou si je n'ai pas cette information , je ne peux avancer dans mon étude .
Merci d'avance pour votre aide
  • DeSica

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    D'abord, préparez votre courriel, mot d'origine québécoise maintenant accepté par toute la francophonie.

    Je vous propose:
    Le renseignement manquant pose un obstacle au déroulement (à la progression) de mon étude.


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    Hi Sonzo, hope I'm not too late.

    Trying to help, but having a hard time coming up with an equivalent expression (although it seems to me there is one, I just can't think of it right now)

    I suggest changing the sentence around to say:

    "Without this information, I will not be able to move forward with my studies".
    "It is imperative that I receive this information as I cannot (or 'will not be permitted to') continue my studies without it"


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    Depending on the formality and/or purpose of your letter, you could say that it is a "showstopper." This has been a recent "buzz word" at my work to refer to something that keeps us from moving forward on projects.

    (I would consider this informal, US.)


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    Merci Desica pour votre courriel...
    Par contre , je n'ai pas du être assez clair. En fait je souhaitais une traduction du français vers l'anglais.
    à bientôt


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    Bottleneck is most of the time providing correct meaning, meaning that you need to make through a certain step to go further but which is so far not possible.


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    'Bottleneck' is the usual transltion of 'goulot d'étranglement', I think (and 'stumbling block' is 'pierre d'achoppement'). While I :tick: Rocket Girl's proposals, I think "This [information] is a sine qua non for me to advance in/to continue..." // "Cet enseignement est un sine qua non..." could work. or "This (piece of) information is indispensible if I am to continue..." // "L'enseignement manquant est indispensable pour me permettre d'avancer dans..." It seems to me that "mon étude" is a project, not "my studies".
    (But was the OP asking for FR or EN??)