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I want to make sure how to use an expression ''point of, in...''

Let's refere to something which makes no sens.

''There is no point of (in, to) buying it, we have already everything at home''

My question is what do you usually use after ''point''. Is it of, in or to...?

Many thanks for your clarification.

  • Hello,

    I would say:

    "There is no point in buying it."

    I don't think there are instances in which one would use either of the other prepositions.
    There is no point in buying ...

    There is no point to what you are saying.

    I can only think of examples with 'of' where 'point of' is part of a set expression:

    There is no point of contact between Arizona and Texas.
    There is no point of view expressed in this essay.