Point qualité dans une entreprise

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  1. curlyangie Member

    French - France
    I'm looking for an accurate translation of 'point qualité'.
    In French it refers to a kind of meeting point where the employees of a company can get information regarding Quality matters.
    There could be memos, posters...

    When I google 'quality point', I get the feeling it rather refers to marks in the educational system.
    What about 'quality spot'?

    Any suggestions?
  2. bloomiegirl

    bloomiegirl Senior Member

    New York
    US English
    Perhaps "Quality Bulletin Board" or "Quality Forum"?
  3. steppingstone Member

    English UK
    From what you say, I'd be inclined to include the idea of information e.g. "Quality Information Point" or "Quality Information Stand".
  4. curlyangie Member

    French - France
    Thank you for your help :)

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