...pointed his fingers meaninglessly/aimlessly

Elaine Koh

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He often talked to himself, raised his hands and pointed his fingers meaninglessly/aimlessly, resulting in complaints from his school teachers.

1. Is the sentence correct?
2. Which adverb is the appropriate one?

  • Chez

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    Were these options given in a test? I think they are both very strange choices, making it impossible to tell which one might be the correct one. This is obviously quite strange behaviour because his teachers complained.

    meaninglessly = without meaning
    aimlessly - without any aim or purpose


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    1. Grammatically the sentence is correct.

    2. I think you need to rethink the verb 'point'. The act of pointing implies a direction so it's not clear what the sentence is intended to mean.

    Could explain the hand/finger actions in more detail.
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