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J'aimerais savoir comment dire "pointing the brie" en francais. Je comprend que "pointing the brie", c'est quand on prend la pointe de Brie pour soi-meme, et ca c'est de mauvais gout...Alors comment ca se dit?

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    I did not know about "pointing the brie" until I found:
    Brie is usually purchased either in a full wheel or as a wheel segment.[3] Further sub-division in most homes is subject to social conventions that have arisen to ensure that each person partaking in the cheese receives a roughly equal amount of skin. Slices are taken along the radius of the cheese rather than across the point. Removing the more desirable tip from a wedge of brie is known as "pointing the Brie" and is widely regarded as a serious social faux pas.[4]

    I can't find a translation, but do not believe the translation found here: pointant la Brie. :D



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    Il vaudrait mieux dire "en épointant le brie" (épointer = couper la pointe)
    La Brie = la région ; le brie = le fromage
    Camembert = la ville ; le camembert = le fromage


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    Je dirais 'couper la pointe du Brie' (ou, plus généralement, 'couper la pointe du fromage').

    'Il ne faut jamais couper la pointe du fromage'.

    'Tu as coupé la pointe du fromage pour te servir !! Et maintenant il me reste la croûte !!!'


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    I have seen "il ne faut pas couper le nez du fromage". Or, in English, "don't cut the nose off the cheese".