1. Songbird17 Senior Member

    I'm trying to translate this. It is a section on a transcript of classes and grades. My attempt at this is: grade point or grade pointS, but I am not sure because this is from Canada.

    How would this be translated? Thank you!
  2. LARSAY Senior Member

    Hanoi, Vietnam
    I would say "Quality marks"
  3. Songbird17 Senior Member

    Would "grade points" be ok to use since the next column in this transcript is "moyen points de qualite"? (Please excuse the lack of accents. This keyboard is not set up for them-I apologize.)
  4. Transfer_02 Senior Member

    Espoo, Finland
    English - British
    What is the origin: USA?

    By the way, there are accents available in the tool bar (towards the right) in the Quick Reply window.
  5. pointvirgule

    pointvirgule Senior Member

    Mtl, QC
    langue française
    Songbird, would you happen to have a complete sentence containing points de qualité? Or more information so that we can better understand what is meant by that?
  6. Songbird17 Senior Member

    There is no complete sentence, pointvirgule, I'm sorry. It is the heading of a column on a college transcript. (Yes, it is from Canada.;)) (And thank you for the heads up on the accents, yay!)
  7. pointvirgule

    pointvirgule Senior Member

    Mtl, QC
    langue française
    Oh, silly me, I just realize now that the context is education. If this is on a grade sheet, then I guess quality marks, as suggested by Larsay, might be... on the mark. But I must admit that, although being a Canadian (well sort of, I'm from Québec ;)), I'm not familiar with that concept. :eek:
  8. Songbird17 Senior Member

    This is a little late to answer, but thanks so much for all your help, ;pointvirgule!

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