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Far away, from among the Kentish woods there rose a thin spray of smoke. A minute later a carriage and engine could be seen flying along the open curve which leads to the station. We had hardly time to take our place behind a pile of luggage when it passed with a rattle and a roar, beating a blast of hot air into our faces.

“There he goes,” said Holmes, as we watched the carriage swing and rock over the points.
What are the points in this case? It's too generic, I can't find the right meaning for it.

Source: Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
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    Did you try the dictionary? You have the context. It's something that a railway carriage goes over.

    point - WordReference.com Dictionary of English

    BRIT (often plural) a junction of railway tracks in which a pair of rails can be moved so that a train can be directed onto either of two lines
    US and Canadian equivalent: switch
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