1. KennedyT Member

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    Hi everybody,

    I need to translate the next sentence into French:
    "Outside, Chaundy's tractor driver, who looked much like they did, roared up and down the field, apparently poles apart"

    I translate like this : "Dehors, le conducteur du tracteur de Chaundy, qui leur ressemblait beaucoup, faisait vrombir son engin à travers le champs, et semblait diamétralement opposé aux deux hommes"

    I'm not satisfied with my traduction of "poles apart", I get the idea but I can't find the right way to phrase it.
    Context: a woman is in her countryside house, and she is comparing a neighbour with two men who are with her and who are not very sophisticated. These two men feel superior to the inhabitants of the village and the woman is thinking that they are not very different one from another.

    Would you have any idea ?
  2. Wunibald Senior Member

    Paris, France
  3. KennedyT Member

    Français - France
    Yes, I had read the topic but it did'nt help me, that is why I asked the question :(
    I understand the idea of "poles apart" but I cannot translate by "[il] leur semblait diamétralement opposé" because it seems that this is the men's opinion whereas it is the woman's one ... and I do not know whether saying "opposé aux deux hommes" is not too much or not.
  4. Wunibald Senior Member

    Paris, France
    et quelque chose comme : complétement différent ne conviendrait pas?
  5. berrac Senior Member

    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    French - France
    aux antipodes?
  6. KennedyT Member

    Français - France
    Effectivement, "il était complètement différent d'eux" est parfait ^^ C'est tout bête mais je n'y avais pas pensé.
    Merci à tous de votre précieuse aide !

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