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J'ai un doute sur le sens exact de "police encounter" en anglais. Dans l'exemple que j'ai trouvé, il y a un mort suite à une "police encounter".
S'agit-il d'une rencontre imprévue entre des policiers et des personnes suspectes ? Ou éventuellement d'une descente de police ? (Mais il me semble qu'on parle souvent de "raid" dans ce cas.)

Merci de vos avis !
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    It's not a term I'm familiar with, but there are examples on line.

    For example: "Since the 1980s, ‘police encounters’ have been a notorious phenomenon in South Asia, especially in India and Pakistan. Jyoti Belur, who has researched encounters in Mumbai, defines an ‘encounter’ as a ‘specific type of police contact – a spontaneous, unplanned “shoot-out” between the police and alleged criminals, in which the criminal is usually killed, with few or no police injuries’."

    ‘Encounter Killings’ as a Method of Policing Karachi | Shoc


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    All right, thanks a lot, constantlyfocused, the text were I found is indeed set in Asia, in the Philippines.
    I'm just not sure now how to say that in French, any ideas?
    Peut-être un "accrochage avec la police" ?


    In most contexts, "police encounter" is a relatively neutral term, referring to any of various possible interactions of citizens with the police. (See this page for examples.)

    In some contexts or countries, a "police encounter" might have a more specific negative or threatening meaning.


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    Ça pourrait être :
    encounter n (combative meeting)confrontation nf
    Bob and Joe's encounter left them both with hurt feelings.
    encounter [sb/sth] vtr (military: meet in conflict) (Militaire)affronter, rencontrer vtr
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