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After going out to an incident, the police writes a report that is later used by insurance companies (when applicable) and the courts. My question is what is the best translation into Spanish of "police report." I have seen both "informe de la policia" and, expressed with a different construction, "la policia levanto acta," and I have no way of intelligently evaluating the alternatives. Thanks.
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    "La policía levantó acta" means that a policeman wrote about the accident. I suppose circumstances and statements of witnesses etc. "Acta is the name of the paper the policeman wrote.
    El "informe de la policia" means exactly the same. The policman wrote a paper stating circumstances, people implicated, atatements of witnesses.
    Either expression is correct and, in this case, means the same thing
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    El "informe de la policia" means exactly the same.

    La única diferencia sería tal vez que un "police report" como se usa es menos formal; un "informe del policía" que se encargó de algún incidente..., mientras "levantó acta" implica más bien un "affidavit," a formal sworn statement. "Police report" también puede referirse a la "denuncia": al reclamante las cías. de seguro normalmente preguntan "Did you file a police report?"


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    WORDREFERNCE says "denuncia policial" for police report. I was talking to my neighbor that had his car broken into and his tools stolen. I said "informe de policía" when referring to the police report to be supplied to the insurance company. It even sounds better. Is it wrong? By the way, I like the explanation of "policía levantó acta".