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How can I politely send a reminder to a partner organisation to send an audited financial statement that is overdue?
Would this work?

"Dear friends at xx,

Greetings from x, xx. I hope everything is well.
Could you kindly send us the Audited Financial Statement for the xx Programme 2007/2008 at your earliest convenience? Thank you very much. "
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    Hello Noruga. Your message is grammatically fine. It's maybe just a bit too friendly, though. Is this statement thing you're asking for urgent/important? If so, I would try to make the message a bit 'stiffer'.


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    Thanks for your reply!
    Yes, it is both important and urgent, so I think it could be "stiffer", maybe a bit longer too?
    If you have any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.


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    I recently had to send out several such letters to contractors and program managers. I used a formula similar to "We have not yet received your [name of report]. Please submit it at the first opportunity" if it was quite overdue. If it is just a little late, I would change the second sentence to something like you present in your opening post.


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    Yes, apart from making it stiffer, it sometimes helps if you explain why the report needs to be in quickly - eg what will be held up.


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    Unless you're writing to someone specific who you're on very friendly terms with (and who you think will help you promptly as a result), I would leave out all the greeting bits and just start it:
    Dear Sirs, We are still waiting for your statement [etc.]
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