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Hello, everyone.

I would like to know how the politeness of not finishing a sentence ranks among the various speech levels.

At the first meeting of a 동아리

"신입생들이 앞으로..."
"자기소개... 좀... 부탁을..."

Is this like speaking in 반말 or is it ambiguous?

If you'd like more details about the situation, the guy saying these things was the president of the 동아리. He was older than the 신입생, although he was meeting for the first time, so he couldn't have known that for sure. He's quite a rude person in general, though, and he loves being in a higher position than others, which makes me think that he might just ignore formality and go directly to 반말 even when meeting people for the first time in a formal-ish situation.
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    Hello, RadkeRonnie

    Judging only from the example sentences, I'd say they were spoken with some respect about the attendants because literally there were no 반말s in there. And some people unintentionally or unconsciously use unfinished sentences when asking strangers or acquaintances in an indirect way to do something like introducing themselves in front of people. They believe that is proper courtesy in formalish settings. However there is still probable that I might be wrong because I was not at the scene. We also need to consider his intonations.
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