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The quotation comes from Roy Moore Wins Senate G.O.P. Runoff in Alabama

Quotation: Propelled by the stalwart support of his fellow evangelical Christians, Mr. Moore survived a multimillion-dollar advertising onslaught, in the eight figures, financed by allies of Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader. His victory demonstrated in stark terms the limits of Mr. Trump’s clout.

In a race that began as something of a political afterthought and ended up showcasing the right’s enduring divisions, the victory by Mr. Moore, one of the most tenacious figures in Alabama politics, will likely embolden other anti-establishment conservatives to challenge incumbent Republicans in next year’s midterm elections.
Hi everyone! What does the bold part mean?

Referring to the as an afterthought
"Almost as an afterthought" means it was something additional he did, that was minor, unimportant.

I take it as "an important political event", i.e., "an unimportant race".
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    Yes, "afterthought" suggests that this election is of less importance or interest, particularly in the eyes of those who want to spot patterns in national trends. What overshadows this election in significance (in terms of both import and of meaning) was the election that brought the current president to power. Compared to that election, this one should have held little interest or been little worth of notice or comment. So while it doesn't overshadow the presidential election, it has drawn more attention than anticipated.