1. Mojo New Member

    United States - English
    A spanish speaking female friend that I work with keeps calling me "Pollito". What does this mean for a woman to call a man this word? I looked it up on an internet dictionary and it gave an english word "chick". I understand "chick" to refer to a young chicken or slang for a young woman. She and some other ladies also call me "bonito" or sometimes "boyo"<-not sure about spelling. Are they calling me a prettyboy? Thanks for your replies.
  2. ortiza Senior Member

    dominican republic, spanish, english
    ja jaja. Yes, she is calling you a pretty boy. When we say he's "un pollo" it means he's hot!
  3. Mojo New Member

    United States - English
    Ahh, Thankyou very much ortiza! What could I call her? / Whats a spanish word for someone you has a big mouth or talks alot? Or is there a word for a woman who is frustrated from a lack of a sex life? I think that would be funny. Thanks again.
  4. ortiza Senior Member

    dominican republic, spanish, english
    I would say "lengua larga" (it means literally, long tongue), and it applies to people who like to gossip or cannot keep things for themselves. It is colloquial and she may get a bit offended. Wait to see if others have any suggestions! (but... wait: we are not allowed to talk about a different voc. word in this thread-- you must open a new one to discuss "big mouth" if you wish! (pollito!) :D :D
  5. Artrella Banned

    Aww, pollito!! I say this word to my "esposito"... this is such a sweet word... You can tell her "mi pollita" ... ;)
  6. ortiza Senior Member

    dominican republic, spanish, english
    Do it pollito, call her pollita. she will love it! :D
  7. Mojo New Member

    United States - English
    Will do - Thanks for the help.;)
  8. Maaa New Member

    Spain, Spanish
    Noooo, "mi pollita" means... "my penis"!!!! Don't call her "mi pollita"!
  9. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo moderator

    American English
    The word "pollo" can have different connotations depending on the country, including "cutie" or "smart guy". Where is she from, Mojo? If she's from Spain, calling her "pollita" will be the same as calling her "my little penis"... and even if she's not from Spain, the connotation may still be there.

    In Mexico, "pollo" as a term of endearment does not have a "sexy" connotation, as far as I know. It reminds people of a yellow baby chicken and is cutesy.
  10. tonijua

    tonijua Senior Member

    I agree with Fenixpollo... all depends in where is she from because in some places "Pollito" means that you are a fragile person without any sexual connotation.

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