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    qualcuno sa darmi la traduzione di pollock,

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    QUI c'è qualcosa interessante.

    Merluzzo (nero)
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    Two types of Pollok (or Pollak) exist and, they are cods:

    In italian:

    "Merluzzo nero"

    "Merluzzo dell'Alaska"


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    E' sicuramente un 'parente' del merluzzo, ma e' un pesce che da noi non esiste, quindi non esiste una traduzione univoca.
    In particolare ci andrei cauto con 'merluzzo dell'Alaska', visto che certamente e' un pesce che si pesca anche in Inghilterra (ho mangiato un 'Cornish pollock' recentemente dalle parti di Bristol -buonissimo!)
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    I've always heard "pollock" as a slang (sometimes derogatory) way of describing someone of Polish origin.

    However when I googled "definition" I also found this definition:
    Also called saithe. a North Atlantic food fish, Pollachiusvirens, of the cod family.

    I also found this:
    or pollockEither of two commercially important North Atlantic species offood fish in the cod family (Gadidae). Pollachius (or Gadus ) virens, called saithe or coalfish in Europe, is deep green with a palebelly. It has a small chin barbel (fleshy protuberance) and threedorsal and two anal fins. A carnivorous, lively, usually schoolingfish, it grows to about 3.5 ft (1.1 m) long and weighs up to 35 lbs(16 kg). The other species, Theragra chalcogramma , or walleyepollack, closely resembles P. virens .

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    Just few corrections to your anyway good attempt in Italian. Hope you don't mind and find it useful :)
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    @Lorena - grazie!
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    Polack (is how it sounds in BE) for a Pole. Mildly disparaging.
    And as suggested Pollock and Pollack (confusingly) are slightly different fish, the former is also known as coley (coalfish) and saithe. See this site for differences;
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    Pollock or pollack (pollachius virens) is called "merlano nero" or "merluzzo carbonaro"
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    Yes, Polak for a Pole, and we also have pillock, meaning an idiot. Try not to order either of those in a restaurant :D
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    What I'm seeing are varied spellings for the term referring to Poles. I suppose that's because one usually HEARS Pollack/Polak/Pollock/Polack jokes, as opposed to reading them.

    Quando venni in Italia ho ritrovato le stesse barzellette applicate ai carabinieri.

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