polls are showing her down

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    No. It’s not a noun! It’s an adverb in my paraphrase. In the original, I’d probably class it as an adjective: Polls are showing her [to be] down.


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    Is that.. a metaphor?
    No see down

    down2 (doun), n.
    1. Birds the soft, first plumage of many young birds.
    2. Birds the soft under plumage of birds as distinct from the contour feathers.
    3. Clothing the under plumage of some birds, as geese and ducks, used for filling in quilts, clothing, etc., chiefly for warmth.


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    Polls are showing her down.

    Her approval rating is going downward, not upward, compared to previous ratings. If it goes down too much her chances of getting re-elected will decrease. Politicians usually have getting re-elected as their number one goal.