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  1. Charo Gutiérrez Carreras New Member

    Spain, Spanish
    Hello, I'm quoting from Paul Johnsons's, A History of the American People:
    "One group,....had a remarkable German polymath leader...".
    Thank you for helping me,
    Charo Gutiérrez Carreras
  2. Philippa

    Philippa Senior Member

    Britain - English
    Welcome to the foros, Charo!!
    Polymath in the English dictionary
    And my new, huge Spanish-English dictionary says:
    polymath=polímata, erudito/a
    Hope this helps!
    Philippa :)
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  3. Charo Gutiérrez Carreras New Member

    Spain, Spanish
    Thank you so much, Philippa, for answering. It did help! I don't think I will forget this word. And I also wish I could do you a good turn.
    Muchísimas gracias

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