Polysemous Interjections or Phrases


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This thread is inspired by a meme I recently saw about the Mexican interjection "órale" and its various meanings. E.g.,
Órale - I agree with you
Órale - Come on!
Órale - Bring it on!
Órale - Yes
Órale - Hurry up
Órale - That's amazing
Órale - I'm flabbergasted
Órale - There you go
Órale - Ok
Órale - It's your turn
Órale - Go ahead
Órale - I'm waiting for you

What would be some common examples in your language? Please post ones with more than just a few meanings.
  • KalAlbè

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    American English & Kreyòl Ayisyen
    In New York urban slang (probably common in various AAVE dialects):

    You good = Are you ok?
    You good = You are ok.
    You good = How have you been?
    You good = Stop talking to me
    You good = You're welcome.
    You good = No need to say sorry.
    You good = Do you need some money?
    You good = Did you get enough?
    You good = Do you have a problem?
    You good = You bumped into me.

    Chrzaszcz Saproksyliczny

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    Polish - Prussia
    Outside of multi-meaning swear words, Polish has "proszę", meaning: "there you go", "you're welcome", "Pardon?", "Here", "Please", "I'd like...", "there; see?", "you go first", or even "bravo!" with the right intonation.
    I think it is similar in Japanese with どうぞ (dōzo).