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    Bonsoir, sylvainremy, et merci pour votre suggestion :)

    Je transmets à la base anglaise pour voir s'ils voudraient ajouter ce terme.


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    Thanks for the suggestion. However, I'm not sure this is really a common collocation. The usual expression is 'pomp and circumstance', which is already present in the English base (and in enfr):

    pomp and circumstance n (ceremony)pompe nf
    with (great) pomp and circumstance : en grande pompe loc adv
    The royal couple were married in pomp and circumstance.
    Le couple royal s'est marié en grande pompe.

    Would pompe et apparat work as a translation for this?


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    Would pompe et apparat work as a translation for this?
    En grande pompe is a set adverbial phrase, so I don't think it works when pomp and circumstance/show is a subject or object. For example, to translate "the role of pomp and circumstance/show", "le rôle de la grande pompe" doesn't work but "le rôle de la pompe et de l'apparat" does.

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    I'd probably use pomp and splendo(u)r for the ...apparat version. It's from a Bible verse. Pomp and show isn't familiar to me either, but apparently it appears in Shakespeare's Othello.