Pon de replay.

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OK, I know this may sound ridiculous, and it actually isn't even the music I listen to, but the title of this song has been bothering me for years because I don't really understand the meaning of its title/main phrase.

I know Rihanna is from Barbados so I guess it has to do with that particular variety of English, and my knowledge in the mixed varieties of English are so limited that I cannot even remember their terminology!

As a Spaniard, my instincts tell me "pon de" means "play the", but I can never be sure.
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    I looked at the lyrics, and I wonder if "pon" is a form of "upon." Especially makes sense here:

    All the gyal pon the dancefloor wantin some more what...
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    A lo mejor es de unir "play on" y eliminar -LAY
    Lo cierto es que es poco ortodoxo.
    Además del "DE", así escrito en lugar del correcto inglés "the"
    Una primera impresión, parece que lo diga en español, porque "pon" es el imperativo del verbo poner.

    Lo que parece seguro es que con esa frase le indica al pinchadiscos que siga sonando la misma canción, y eso leo en la Wiki en inglés:
    "... Rihanna singing part of the chorus and part of the pre-chorus, where she tells the DJ to keep playing the song she wants to listen to."


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    Spain, Spanish
    OK, so it wasn't far from what I supposed it meant if it came from Spanish, even though it doesn't.

    Thanks everybody! :)
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