Poncho tejido a mano con puntos trabajados

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  1. Silmacper New Member


    I'd like to know how to translate correctly a sentence from Spanish to English.
    This is the title about a hand-woven garment for woman, a "poncho", that I want to list (publish) in ebay.
    The "puntos trabajados" are points knitted in different types, they require a little more work than simple points, in the process of knitting.

    My translation is this: "Hand-Woven Poncho with designed points", but I 'm not sure if it's accurate.

    Thanks a lot,
  2. Chris K Senior Member

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    Bienvenida al foro. Puntos son stitches. Yo tal vez diría algo como "handwoven poncho with detailed stitching / hand-worked stitching."
  3. Silmacper New Member

    Me sirvió mucho tu traducción y tu rápida respuesta.
    Muchas gracias Chris!


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