poner a huevo

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Does anybody know if there's some sort of equivalent idiomatic expression in English for "poner a huevo"?

I think we only use it in Spain.

I find it hard to define its meaning... Ok, let's say there's two people. The first one says something and the second one tells a joke about it, or makes fun of it, or he does a play on words, etc, that was really easy to come up with. The second person would then say "¡es que me lo has puesto a huevo!". Like saying: "hey, dont look at me that way! it was very easy to come up with that after what you said! it almost seems as if you did it on purpose for me to make fun of it!"

I dont know if I've made myself clear.... :eek:

All spanish-speakers are welcome to complete and/or correct my attempt of a definition....
  • Masood

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    In English (UK), it might be equivalent to the second person saying "You should've seen that one coming!" (i.e. the first person's comment lead to the obvious comment/joke made by the second person).


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    Dependiendo del lo coloquial que quieras que suene, puedes usar una expresión u otra. Normalmente yo diría "make it easy for someone", o incluso "cheap", pero claro, pierde toda su intensidad semántica. No creo que haya un equivalente directo en inglés, la verdad. A ver que dicen otros nativos que hablan español como COLasass.

    P.S.- Quiero pedir disculpas por no haber leído lo que pusiste con detenimiento. La versión de "Masood" en este caso viene como anillo al dedo.


    American English
    You set yourself up for that one.
    You walked right into that one.
    You gave that one to me.

    I think poner a huevo is used in Argentina, too.



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    Hello. Would it work to say "You set me up" as "Me lo has puesto a huevo" (a joke or a funny/silly reply)?
    Thank you!