1. AndLoveYelledNo Member

    Hey guys. I'm a little confused over this. This woman is giving a list of the skills that she has and one of them is "Les pongo el papagayo a los viejos"

    What exactly does this mean? This is someone from Argentina saying it by the way. Thanks in advance :)
  2. levmac

    levmac Senior Member

    I looked up papagayo and it came up in another forum:

    En Argentina también le decimos papagayo al artefacto, generalmente de vidrio o de metal enlozado, que usan los hombres para orinar, cuando están internados en una clínica, hospital o sanatorio y no pueden levantarse para ir al baño.

    Además del pájaro, claro...:D
  3. cacarulo

    cacarulo Senior Member

    Buenos Aires, Argentina * Español
    Like this: http://mla-s2-p.mlstatic.com/papagayo-orinal-plastico-13593-MLA3249560992_102012-F.jpg
  4. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo moderator

    American English
    Sounds like she inserts catheters.
  5. AndLoveYelledNo Member

    That makes sense, thank you guys
  6. levmac

    levmac Senior Member

    I don't know too many catheters made from glass or metal! To me it's more like a bed pan.
  7. EddieZumac

    EddieZumac Senior Member

    Mexico City
    En México a este papagayo se le dice "pato".

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