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    Greg’s grades had been good until high school, and then he began to get into a series of scrapes. Truancy, fighting, hustling snooker downtown, maybe hustling stolen goods uptown, although that had never been proved.
    In 1953 he and his mother moved to Nebraska. The rainmaking business had gone bad, and there were some who said the pool-hall hustling had also gone bad.
    Source: The Dead Zone by Stephen King

    What does hustling mean? Does pool-hall hustling mean cheating when playing snooker? Is pool-hall played for money?

    Thank you.
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    WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English: hustle: v.7. to obtain by often dishonest or illegal means:[~ + object]to hustle money from unsuspecting tourists.

    In my experience, hustling at pool or billiards generally means a person acts like they're a pool player of ordinary, I-play-once-a-month-for-fun talent. After a few drinks, they may suggest to another, obviously better, player that maybe they should make a small wager on the next game – which they lose. Then they propose a larger wager, as though a bigger bet will focus their mind and improve their game. Only when the bet becomes large enough will they begin playing, and winning, like the near-professional that they are.

    If that's his approach, then it refers to the "dishonest" part of the definition, in the sense that he is being dishonest about his level of skill at the game.
    See above about "cheating." It's more the dishonest representation of your level of skill at the game you will be wagering on in the near future.

    Yes, pool (pocket billiards) and billiards can be played for money, just like virtually any other game. :)
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    Thank you very much for this insightful explaination. I am very obliged.
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    Thank you. I will definitely watch it if it is on Stan.

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