... pop his todger between two floury baps, and shout ' Dinner time Fido'


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When I was watching Rowan Atkins's "Black Adder 4"
General Melchet suggested Blackadder torturing a German spy like this: "... get the suspect tied down to a chair with a potty on his head, then pop his todger between two flowery baps, and shot' Dinner time Fido'"

So what does "pop his todger between two flowery baps and shot' Dinner time Fido'" mean?

Thank you very much!!!
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    Hello burp, and welcome to WordReference :)
    pop his todger between two flowery floury baps and shout' Dinner time Fido'

    pop = put
    todger = penis
    floury bap = bread roll dusted with flour
    Fido = a supposedly common name for a dog.

    So the suggested torture is to place the prisoner's penis in a bread roll, rather like a hot dog, and call your pet dog, Fido, to come for his dinner. The prisoner, smitten with fear at the prospect of the "hot dog" being eaten by a real dog, will immediately tell everything he knows.


    China Chinese
    Hi panjandrum! Thank you so much!
    I'm a Chinese student. One of my teacher from Scotland suggested me watching this show. I find it very interesting but a little bit difficult to understand sometimes.
    But thank God I've found Word Reference and you guys!" It's so nice of you to answer so perfectly! I'm so happy! Thanks again!
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