Pop in my home/ pop in to my home

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Hi all! I know that it's ok to say something like " I have to pop in to the office (store, bank etc)" meaning a short visit. But what about "home"? Should I use preposition to or leave it out?
I have to pop in home (my home)
I have to pop in to home ( my home)

Thank you!
  • lingobingo

    Senior Member
    English - England
    You can use it in relation to any place, provided you do only mean popping in and then popping out again not much later!

    Uncle Jack

    Senior Member
    British English
    If you are not already outside your house, then "pop home" is the only version I would consider saying; this is the equivalent of saying that you are going to "pop to the shops" or "pop to the office".

    If you are outside or very close to your office, or a particular shop, you could say "pop into the office" or "pop into Harrington's" (where "Harrington" is the name of a shop). However this does not work for "home". If you aren't immediately outside your home, then "pop home" is what I would use. If you are immediately outside, then "pop into the house" is what I would say.
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