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Hi, I am translating a text quoting Tom Baker from "Little Britain". The sentence I am having difficulty is Tom's address to the Queen:
Next time you are opening Parliament, why not pop one out, they look like beauties".
What does "pop one out" mean here? From what I gathered on the internet, it means "to have a baby". Is that what he means?
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    The "one" in the sentence could be anything. Can you give us more context, I mean what was said and/or done before the sentence was pronounced?


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    We need to know the sentence or two before this. From the context I gather the queen had said something and he was referring to that.

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    Thank you so much!
    The "quite cheeky suggestion that the Queen expose her breasts" seems to be spot on!
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    In the USA, it would be "whip it out".

    There are a couple of disc jockeys that started W.O.W. (Whip it out Wednesdays).

    The idea is (presumably) men get a W.O.W. bumper sticker. If a woman listener sees a W.O.W. sticker on a Wednesday, they are supposed to flash the men with their breasts.

    I personally have never seen this occur, but I have seen an awful lot of bumper stickers.
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