Pop out of the blue

Helena Maiz

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Spanish Spain
Hello everybody:

Could someone help me to understand this expression?

Did they just pop out of the blue?

appear from no where,maybe?

thank you
  • lablady

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    English - USA
    Hello Helena,

    I agree with your interpretation (and SDLX's confirmation).:)

    It is my understanding that the "blue" in this phrase refers to the sky, so you can think of it as meaning that they seemed to come out of the air.


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    USA - English
    "The blue" is indeed the sky. This is related to the expression "like a bolt from the blue", which means to happen suddenly and without any warning. The "bolt" in that saying is a bolt of lightning, which you would not expect to come out of a clear blue sky as opposed to a sky full of storm clouds.
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