Pop / soft drink / fizzy drink / soda.

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Hi, I am from Yorkshire, England and have always called soft drinks "pop", my flatmate from London insists that southerners never say "pop" and prefer to call them soft drinks or fizzy drinks. Years of TV convinced me that Americans called it soda, yet my girlfriend (from Michigan) and friend (from Idaho) both say pop the same as I do. I was curious what people call them in English speaking regions around the world.
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    In the United States, both "soda" and "pop" are used, depending on where you are from. Many people enjoy teasing each other about this phenomenon ("It's soda!" "No, it's pop!" and so on ad infinitum). :)

    "Soft drink" isn't normally used in spoken language, but you might see it written on the actual can or six-pack or whatever.

    I don't think "fizzy drink" is used at all in the US - at least I've never come across it.

    Then there's "carbonated beverage/drink," but that's too formal for everyday conversation. I suspect the same applies to the UK.
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