Pop-Tart red

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  • MissFit

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    It is a brand name for a pastry that is heated in an electric toaster. They are popular with children.

    In the case of Pop-Tart red lipstick, it is a play on words.
    Pop=pop(popular) culture (or pop music)
    Tart=sexually prosmiscuous young lady, cheap woman
    Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears are two currently famous pop-tarts.


    Try googling for it. it's a type of pastry with raspberry or strawberry jam (I am led to believe) inside it. It is heated in a toaster and it 'pops' up when ready.


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    this is what I already know ;) But what does Pop-tart have to do with red lipstick?
    Buy I know that already, too ;)) Tahnk you, MissFit (that's a nice play of words, too :) )


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    American English

    I answered your question about "Pop Tart Red" in your other thread (on "wouldn't be caught dead"). I'll repeat part of it here: it refers to the color of lipstick that a "tart" who sings "pop" music would wear. The first person who "popped" into my mind was Madonna!


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    To compound the word play, pop tarts very probably have artificial sweeteners and flavors. Artificial food coloring is another likelihood. Lots of falsehood in a snack! Appealing to the uneducated palate.

    Time to stop, I think. This could get silly.
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