• In Greek, the word is always ποπ-κορν [popcorn]...
    Τhere are also the Greek dialectal:

    (1) «Kουκουνάρες» [ku.kuˈna.ɾes] (fem. nom. pl.) --> pine cones < MoGr neut. «κουκουνάρι» [ku.kuˈna.ɾi] (nom. sing.) & fem. «κουκουνάρα» [ku.kuˈna.ɾa] (nom. sing.) --> pine cone < MoGr reduplication of the ancient name of the familiar woody cone of conifers, «κόνναρος» kónnarŏs (masc.) & «κόνναρον» kónnarŏn (neut.), of unknown etymology (probably Pre-Greek).

    (2) «Παπαδούλες» [pa.paˈðu.les] (fem. nom. pl.) --> curly docks, the Greek name («παπαδούλα» [pa.paˈðu.la] (fem. nom. sing.)) of the plant Rumex Crispus (indigenous to the Greek country side); popcorn resembles its seeds.

    (3) «Νυφούλες» [niˈfu.les] (fem. nom. pl.) --> little brides < MoGr «νύφη» [ˈni.fi] (fem.) --> bride < Classical fem. «νύμφη» númpʰē (obviously due to the popcorn's white colour).

    (4) (Cyprus) «σιταροπούλλες» [si.ta.ɾɔˈpu.lːes] (fem. nom. pl.) --> small corn kernels < Cypriot-Greek name of corn, «σίταρος» [ˈsi.ta.ɾɔs] (masc.) = Standard MoGr «σιτάρι» [siˈta.ɾi] (neut.) --> wheat < Byz.Gr neut. diminutive «σιτάρι(ο)ν» sitári(o)n --> grains & lentils, wheat, corn < Classical masc. «σῖτος» sîtŏs --> grains, lentils, wheat, corn, bread, food (probably an IE word, a substantivization of the adj. *σῑτο- *sītŏ- threshed derived from PIE *tih₂-tó- struck < PIE *tieh₂- to strike cf Hitt. zāḫ-/zaḫḫ- to hit, beat, Proto-Slavic *žito) + Cypriot-Greek fem. «πούλλα» [ˈpu.lːa] --> the edible part of a seed, grain, nut (of unknown etymology).

    I'm personally familiar with (1).
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    Czech (Prague)
    in spoken Czech: popcorn
    according to my dictionary: pražená kukuřice (never heard that)
    pražená kukuřice means literally roasted maize; it is a common term, but somewhat official;

    rarely kukuřičné pukance (similarly like in Slovak);
    from the verb pukati (perf. puknouti) = to crack, to burst;
    kukuřičný = adj. [of/from] maize;

    informally popcorn, also written popkorn;

    popkornovač = popcorn maker (popper);
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    In Romanian

    floricele de porumb
    = little flowers of corn

    berbecuți = little rams

    cucurigi = cock-a-doodle-doos (<cucurigu)

    cocoșei = little roosters
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