1. Soffi Senior Member

    Español - Argentina
    hi! could anyone tell em the meaning of poppy that isn't the red flower? I've once read on a book that somebody called something or sb else 'poppy', but the dictionaries knew nothing and my English teacher didn't either. THen i heard the same thing on a subtitled tv program, but that sentence wasn't translated! i'm sorry but i don't have any examples
    thank you! :)
  2. ampurdan

    ampurdan Senior Member

    jiā tàiluó ní yà
    Català & español (Spain)
    poppycock: paparruchas, tonterías.
  3. Metztli

    Metztli Senior Member

    The Purgatory
    Mexico Spanish / English
    Hi Soffi!

    The only I know and the only I could find is the reference to the "amapola"... are you sure it was not Puppy? could that be?

    Let's see if the others know something.
  4. mthompson828 New Member

    Could it be an affectionate name for a grandfather? I have heard Poppy used in this way...
  5. piguy3 Senior Member

    suburban DC
    English - United States
    It could also be "Dad". "Pop" or "Pops" or "Poppy" can be for either a dad or a grandfather. Each family, or each child, could use one or all of them.
  6. diegodbs

    diegodbs Senior Member

    Poppy is also a slang word for money.
  7. Rebecca Hendry

    Rebecca Hendry Senior Member

    United Kingdom - English
    Poppy is also a girl's name. It is most likely that or a term used for a father or grandfather.
  8. You little ripper! Senior Member

    Australian English
    Poppy is also a slang word give to older males in latino gangs as a sign of respect.
  9. Ilmo

    Ilmo Member Emeritus

    I think it means also opium, the addictive narcotic drug derived from poppy seeds. Does it fit in the context?
  10. Soffi Senior Member

    Español - Argentina
    i'm almost sure it was an adjetive...
  11. The Heights New Member

    Spanish, Argentina.
    I have to use that word for a translation...

    They are talking about a funeral service, and someone says they should keep it "poppy".

    I think I'm gonna use "alegre", because they further say "we should get people to laugh, and celebrate his life.."

    Who knows, wish me luck! =P
  12. beardouk Senior Member

    La Habana, Cuba
    English, from England
    poppy = with pop i.e. not dull and dreary
  13. akire_i New Member

    Hi! I am also looking for the meaning of "Poppy" but in the context of music! "A poppy song". Have you ever heard about that??

  14. beardouk Senior Member

    La Habana, Cuba
    English, from England
    That could be the same as I said - with pop, not slow and boring.

    Or it could be the song is very much a "pop" song. (from popular, of course).
  15. djb Senior Member

    USA - English
    "Poppy", used in this context, is not even a real word, i.e. it's not in the dictionary. English speakers have a tendency to make up new words by adding suffixes to common words--the suffixes -y and -ish are used especially often in this way. While I may not have heard "poppy" used this way, as an English speaker I can understand the meaning based on the similarty to "pop".

    pop -> poppy = with pop
  16. Radic

    Radic New Member

    English, Filipino - Philippines
    Hi everyone!

    I think poppy means an artificial flower resembling a poppy, esp. one received as evidence of a contribution to a fund for disabled war veterans. In some instances, poppy is used as an idiom like "Tall poppy", which means someone of preeminence or with a large income; important and powerful person.

    Radic :)
  17. beardouk Senior Member

    La Habana, Cuba
    English, from England
    Radic - thanks - but not in this context it isn't.

    I have never heard of "tall poppy" - where have you seen that ?
  18. djb Senior Member

    USA - English
    It just occurred to me that maybe the author intended to write "peppy", not "poppy". That would make a lot more sense here. "Peppy" means energetic or uplifting.
  19. mary jully Senior Member

    Argentina- Spanish
    Well, too late but last night I was reading "Othello" and I found this sentence:look where he comes: Nor POPPY nor MANDRAGORA. I would like some of you help me to translate these words.
    Mary Jully
  20. bb008

    bb008 Senior Member

    Caracas - Venezuela

    Una persona poppy en Venezuela es una persona payasa, que hace o dice ridiculeces o tonterías...En Venezuela hace como 30 años había un payasito llamado "Poppy", muy existoso por cierto, en referencia a "payaso" comenzaron las personas a decir "poppy". Hoy en día todavía oirás personas diciéndole a otra "no seas poppy", en vez de no sea payaso.
  21. mary jully Senior Member

    Argentina- Spanish
    bb008. No, no es lo que yo quiero decir. Pero me encanta lo que me cuentas de cómo se usa esta palabra en Venezuela. Soy amante de todas la etimologías y usos de las palabras.
    No ya el otro día me respondieron que poppy ssignifica ampola.y que podría haber una confusión queriendo decir peppy (persona cargada de energía).
    Un saludo cordial.

    Mary Jully

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