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  1. kenjoluma Senior Member

    Dear friends in Polish Forum

    Long story short, I would like to ask you the difference between Poproszę and Proszę.

    When I first learned Polish, I didn't even know Poproszę is a perfect verb, derived from Proszę.

    Now, I know the difference between "perfect verb(czasowniki dokonane)" and "imperfect verb(czasowniki niedokonane)". And I also know perfect verbs always indicate future.

    Zadzwonię do niej (I will call her)
    Dzwonię do niej (I'm calling her or I call her)
    (...am I right?)

    So, here is my question:

    If I say "Poproszę na Lotnisko Chopina" to a taxi driver, it literally means "I will ask (you to take me) to Chopin Airport"?

    It just sounds silly. Why would I make it a future tense? Can I say "Proszę na Lotnisko Chopina", then?


    At the beginning of learning Polish, I just memorise "poprosić" as a verb I can use to request something. I didn't know at all the connection with "prosić". Now I know, and it's really confusing...

    Any help, please?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. sonorous Banned

    yes, your first sentences are correct

    Poprosze na lotnisko Chopina = Proszę na Lotnisko Chopina = Please take me to the Chopin Airport. (as you can see it's quite idiomatic)
    To my mind, poprosić i prosić mean the same but they're sometimes used in different contexst, and I believe that poprosić​ is a little bit politer.
  3. jasio Senior Member

    To add some background: although 'prosić' literally means 'to ask', both 'proszę' and 'poproszę' mean 'please' (in a context of asking for something; 'please' also have another meaning, close to 'satisfy', doesn't it? just recall 'please, please me' :) ).

    So both sonorous's responces are correct, but I would actually use 'Proszę na Lotnisko Chopina'. "Poproszę" indeed sounds more polite, so I would use it when addressing someone elder, more senior than a taxi driver. But you often hear it in shops ('Poproszę dwa kilo jabłek') ('two kilos of apples, please').
  4. Ben Jamin Senior Member

    For me there is no difference in the degree of politeness, and the two forms are quite equivalent, but "poproszę" has a notion of a little hesitation.
  5. wolfbm1

    wolfbm1 Senior Member

    "Poproszę X" has a future form but we do not mean the future when we say it. Typically, I say 'poproszę' when I do my shopping and it means 'please, pass me X'.
    Personally, I would not say "Poproszę na Lotnisko Chopina". I could say "Proszę na Lotnisko Chopina" or "Na Lotnisko Chopina, proszę". Usually, though, I greet a driver and simply say the destination e.g. "Dzień dobry. Lotnisko Chopina."


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