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Javier Burgos Baruel

Many translations are dead wrong. They are literal translations of English words. In authentic Castilian Spanish, "popular" means something that belongs or is typical of the people of a particular region. It has NEVER meant something or someone that is well-liked, or stands out due to their qualities, behaviour or attitude. The tragedy is the obsession in Spain with doing whatever it takes to make the Spanish language look as close to the English language as possible.
I've been using Word Reference for years and used to be an excellent dictionary. But, unfortunately, you guys have buckled under the pressure of the ignorant masses and you now are contributing to the systematic and utter destruction of the Castilian Spanish language. What's written and spoken in Spain today is a mixture of the most virulent SPANGLISH and s truckload of made up words that never existed.
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    Well, at least the DLE of the RAE and the DUE of María Moliner does not agree with you.

    From the DLE:
    5. adj. Que es estimado o, al menos, conocido por el público en general.
    From the DUE:
    2) Se aplica a la persona que tiene muchos partidarios, admiradores o simpatizantes entre el pueblo.
    3) (por extension) También a la que los tiene en todas las clases sociales o en cierto círculo de personas: 'Una actriz muy popular. Es muy popular entre sus compañeros de curso'

    And you can hardly accuse the RAE nor María Moliner of easily accepting meanings and words that are considered to be Spanglish.


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    Gracias por tu interés en nuestros diccionarios. Llevé a cabo una revisión de esta entrada y no encontré ninguna traducción que contravenga el uso actual de esta palabra ni lo que se recoge en diversos diccionarios. Por esta razón, no voy a modificar las traducciones propuestas por ahora.