por causa de desastre

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    Hola foreros

    Could anyone help me with this following sentence? It comes from the terms and conditions of an alarms systems company.

    Garantizamos nuestras instalaciones contra todo defecto de fabricación y funcionamiento por el periodo de dos a
    ños. Esta garantía no comprende las eventuales averías originadas por defectuoso manejo de la instalación y las producidas por causa de desastre.

    My attempt:
    We guarantee our systems against all manufacture and operating faults for a period of two years. This does not cover breakdowns caused by the faulty handling of the equipment or those caused by . . .

    disaster? I don't understand what is meant by desastre in this context.

    Would anybody be able to provide an input?

    Many thanks in advance

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    Desastre. Desgracia grande, suceso infeliz y lamentable.
    Se refiere a:
    Terremotos, Incendios, etc.
    Earthquakes, Conflagrations, etc.
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    Muchas gracias!

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