1. franchute Senior Member

    valor $30 por concepto de mantenimiento.

  2. Laurita. Member

    Canada - English
    por concepto de mantenimiento - for a maintenance fee (or maintenance deposit)
  3. ILT

    ILT Senior Member

    México - Español/Castellano
    Hola franchute:

    La respuesta de Laurita. me parece de lo más correcta; aquí te brindo otras opciones:

    Amount: $30 due to maintenance
    Amount: $30 maintenance fee
    An amount of $30 to cover maintenance expenses

  4. franchute Senior Member

    Ten[ia la idea pero quería corroborar. Gracias.
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  5. Betza Member

    Spanish, Peru
    También se utiliza bastante "as" para decir "por concepto de", por ejemplo: The customer paid as maintenance an amount of US$ 20 000.
  6. swyves

    swyves Senior Member

    UK English, Living in Peru
    En inglés formal, "in the quality of"
  7. Carlospalmar Senior Member

    Spanish, Argentina

    I have read some of the suggestions to render in English what it so commonly express in Spanish with the expression "por concepto de" or "en concepto de"followed by the type of service one is paying for.

    1. One suggestion was "as"
    2. Another suggestion "formal" was "in the quality of".

    A full sentence in which those suggestions "as" or "in the quality of" are actually used would be of great help.

    Example: Is is then correct to say: I pay $500 a month in the quality of rent for my house? In Spanish it would be perfectly accepto to say: Pago $ 500 por mes en concepto de alquiler por mi casa.
    Would it be correct to say: I pay $500 a month as rent for my house?
    Full sentences in which the expression is used would really help.
    Thank you very much
  8. swyves

    swyves Senior Member

    UK English, Living in Peru
    Dear Sir,

    I attach my invoice as requested; you will note an additional entry for the sum of $50 per day, in the quality of personal expenses.
    Please do not hesitate to communicate to me any questions that may arise from this invoice.

    I remain, sir, your most humble and obediant servant,

    Swyves J Swyvebury III
  9. Tatzingo

    Tatzingo Senior Member

    Where on Earth??
    English, UK
    Yo diria':

    In the way of/for the purposes of

    eg. He paid £5 in the way of maintenance

    Nunca he oido de "in the quality of".

  10. swyves

    swyves Senior Member

    UK English, Living in Peru
    Pues, quizás hay otros frases poco comunes en mi ejemplo ;)
  11. nraddcosmicwaverider

    nraddcosmicwaverider Senior Member

    I agree that more context would help. In the U.S. we say "I pay 500 dollars IN rent every month" or we leave out the preposition altogether. Perhaps this is one of those phrases like 'presente' that just doesn't translate into English ALL THAT WELL
    W/IN the context of maintenance I think ITL has it best:
    Amount: $30 due to maintenance
    Amount: $30 maintenance fee
    An amount of $30 to cover maintenance expenses

    I was tempted to use 'for the purposes of' in a document I translated which carries the phrase:
    "Por concepto de papel de buena conducta"
    then almost decided to go with 'due to' until I finally realized that I was over thinking it and that 'for' was all I really needed to convey the meaning in English.
    Here we have another example of how 'there is no text w/out context'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. la gitana Senior Member

    Canada - English
    Me parece que por concepto de lleve la misma idea como with respect to en inglés. ¿No es así?
  13. nraddcosmicwaverider

    nraddcosmicwaverider Senior Member

    Gracias gitana. Tienes razón. Tal vez otra frase parecida es 'in regards to'
  14. Cubanboy

    Cubanboy Senior Member

    Otra opción:

    on account of...
  15. Portavoz

    Portavoz Member

    A couple of more suggestions for "por concepto de":

    "resulting from".... or .... "as a result of"

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