por cuadro de perfil embolico

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    This term appears in the clinical development section of a discharge report for a stroke patient.

    "Mujer con antecedentes de [...] que ingresa por cuadro de perfil embolico"

    Would my proposed translation be correct.

    Woman with antecedents of [...] admitted due to issue of embolic nature.
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    It sounds good to me.
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    I'd say, woman with (a) prior history of [...] admitted ("due to issue of embolic nature" doesn't sound quite right, but I'm not sure if they mean "admitted to rule out embolic event" or something along those lines. Maybe the rest of the discharge summary can answer that for you).
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    "Perfil embolico"? Brain or pulmonary? We need more context to translate "embolico"; for the beginning of the sentence I would say "admitted with clinical manifestation/presentation of ... "


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