por nada vS. de nada

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  1. magnus98 Senior Member

    Want is the difference betweem por nada and de nada? Is there some kind of subtle difference?


    Evan Magnuson
  2. Bilma Senior Member

    Spanish Mexico
    I think there is no difference.
  3. Tichis Senior Member

    Mexico City
    There is no difference, sometimes one uses por nada and some other time one uses de nada.
  4. Chitalin New Member

    English - Canada/UK
    My grandmother told me that its a very subtle difference between the two, and used to get in battles with her friends from mexico about it. She said that in Spain "por nada" is kind of rude more like a "Thanks for nothing" whereas "de nada" is actually saying "thank you"

    I guess it's one of those depends where you are and who you're talking to kind of thing. To avoid pissing off any spaniards I would just stick to de nada.
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