por parte de los accionistas o socios-cuotistas


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Hi guys,

I have a question... a person in a company who holds some quotas (a proportional share assigned to each participant) but it's not the stakeholder neither stockholder, who is this person? A quotaholder? I got something as limited partner but it doesn't fit for what I want because of the kind of society it is. And in Spanish how would I say that? Cuotista?


  • Carinebh

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    Hi Chris,

    I want something different from Shareholder or Accionista, because in the text I have is:

    "personas jurídicas relacionadas con participación, directa o indirecta, de un diez por ciento o más, por parte de los accionistas o socios-cuotistas de una, en conjunto o por separado, en el capital de la otra..."

    So, I can't repeat accionista... got it?


    Banana Joe

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    different countries has different names for the partecipation to the company:

    in Italy a limited liability company (società a responsabilità limitata) do not legally issue any share, but quotas of partecipation, so it is uncurrect call the "partners" as shareholder instead of quotaholders.

    As far as I know in Spain there is the "sociedad de responsabilidad limitada" which I think is very close to the above mentioned Italian one.


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    En Argentina sería "cuotapartista". Y es típico de los fideicomisos (trust funds) o fondos comunes de inversión (mutual funds).


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    "quotaholder" is apparently an acceptable term for a person/entity holding a percentage of the capital in an LLC in some jurisdictions.