por recibo bancario y por domiciliacion bancario

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    Hi guys,

    I need to pay my fees but I don't know what's the difference between "POR RECIBO BANCARIO" and "POR DOMICILIACION BANCARIO"

    I hope you can help me. Thanks!

    Hola todos,

    tengo que pagar mi tasa pero no lo se cual es la diferencia entre " POR RECIBO BANCARIO" y "POR DOMICILIACION BANCARIO"

    esperyo que me puede ayudar y gracias!
  2. Fernando Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    I am assuming you are paying to Spanish tax authorities (Agencia Tributaria).

    I would say that the most common is 'domiciliación' (direct debit). You simply present in your bank your tax file and the bank will debit your bank account. Technically you are authorising Agencia Tributaria to debit your bank account.

    Payment by recibo bancario (bank receipt) implies that you are paying Agencia Tributaria, cashing the money or charging your bank acccount.

    The practical difference is not large. When the payment is not inmediately due (as an example, there are two instalments in IRPF) is easier to 'domiciliar' the payments, since tax authorities will take the money directly from your bank account. If you are paying by bank receipt you should go to the bank to pay.

    In some cases I think you should use an authorised bank ('entidad colaboradora').

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