porcentaje de variación


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Example sentence/context:
Porcentaje de Variación del valor de los activos iniciales.
Me gustaría saber cómo se dice en inglés correcto.
Percentage of variation of the value of the initial assets???
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    Porcentaje de Variación del valor de los activos iniciales = variance percentage on the initial assets value / on the value of initial assets.

    Del Business Spanish Dictionary (Peter Collin Publishing):
    variación = variance or variation

    Esperemos que lo corrobore o lo mejore un experto en finanzas.


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    Hola Sazette y Laura,

    Although variance percentage is correct, it is not idiomatic.

    Here's an invented example to show the commonly used form:

    The percentage variation in IPO stock valuations can be great during the early months of trading.

    I hope this helps. Please bear in mind that this is AE. British usage may show a one hundred percent variation.:D