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Portal also refers to a science-fiction device that allows for instant travel, or in other words, teleportation
I am not sure what the word for portal is in french
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    Hello, QQLOU24 :)

    I think this would rather be a question for the English-French forum, and that "portail" would also work in French.
    I am not sure this warrants another sense in the dictionary but I'll let the enbase editors decide.


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    Thank you for your message. I've had a look at a few monolingual dictionaries, and none of them has a separate definition for a science fiction meaning of portal. Essentially, I think it is still a gateway or entrance (just to somewhere else entirely, instead of a building or whatever that's right in front of you). So I think an additional sense isn't necessary, but I have added a more sci-fi sentence. That will go to our translation teams for review. Once that's been done, it will appear in the dictionaries the next time they are updated.