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  • Tatosmommy

    English - US/UK
    Thanks Tim, those were exactly what I meant - there is no context, I am making up an order form for our native English speaking teachers. They are mainly used for containing the children's work, not for menus in this case!


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    Hi, I need to translate portalistini into English .. Can anyone help me ? here in Italy it's a sort of folder with a certain number of tranparent envelopes where students usually keep their photocopies.... thanks!


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    Hi and welcome Amadea,

    Maybe it's a "plastic pockets holder" folder? :) ( how do you like that for a bit of alliteration? ) - but I don't really know really or am sure.
    Hi, I came into this old thread from a fresher one, so I'm reviving it.

    Similarly to JNewland I met several times the expression 3(4,5) holed pocket holders but I'm not sure if they are the portalistini in TimLa's pics at #2. Are they? Thank you :)
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