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    Hello! I had a hard time trying to decipher the content of the message. The handwriting wasn't always clear and the person missed lots of accents, which made the reading more difficult. This is what I think is written:

    Życie to nie sen złoty na kwiatach prześniony ale wieczna walka, cierpienie, łzy, droga cierniem usiana…
    A zresztą – wszędzie jest cierpienie – jest i nadziei tyle…boby nie było szczęścia…

    And here comes the translation (I tried to make it as literal and exact as possible to avoid subjective interpretations and imposing my suggestions):

    Life is not a golden dream dreamt away on flowers, but it is a constant struggle, suffering, tears, a way planted with thorns…
    But anyway – the suffering is everywhere – there is also so much hope…Otherwise there would be no happiness…

    Hope it was helpful :)


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    I would say the person missed a lot of diacritic signs which define some letters like ż, ś. There are also some missing letters e.g. in word "zresztą" - there's written "zesztą".