portion [of the house]


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I would be very grateful if you could help me with this sentence.I have some difficulty understanding this sentence (short story from Saki, "THE HOUNDS OF FATE")

Stoner kept rigidly to those portions of the house which seemed to have been allotted to him by a tacit treaty of delimitation. When he took part in the farm-work it was as one who worked under orders and never initiated them. Old George, the roan cob, and Bowker’s pup were his sole companions in a world that was otherwise frostily silent and hostile. Of the mistress of the farm he saw nothing. Once, when he knew she had gone forth to church, he made a furtive visit to the farm parlour in an endeavour to glean some fragmentary knowledge of the young man whose place he had usurped, and whose ill-repute he had fastened on himself.

In this case can I read "portions" as "a share of something, such as responsibility, blame, or a duty, that is divided between a small number of people"?
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